How to cook chicken curry cari ga

[postlink][/postlink] [starttext] I love curry and chicken curry stew is one of my favorite dishes. In Vietnamese Viet Nam we call it cari ga. Interesting thing about curry cari, it has a unique strong smell and taste to it. Takes getting used to, but can be so additive. Hope you enjoy the video. This is the only chicken curry dish I know and I want to learn more. One day I wish to be as creative as the ladies at showmethecurry. Check them out if you learn more curry dishes at showmethecurry.

Vietnamese Viet Nam girl Van Anh can cook show, day nau an will show you how to make Chicken Curry Stew cari ga. A simple and fun home cooking show of Chicken Curry Stew cari Ga. Viet Nam Vietnamese cooking Real Vietnamese housewife . [endtext]


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