How to "Roast" a chicken

[postlink][/postlink] [starttext] How to "roast" a chicken in around 25 minutes using your pressure cooker.

Warning: We had a lot of fun with the music in this one. :~)

As members of a meat CSA (we get a whole chicken every month) this recipe comes in handy. Cooking chicken in a pressure cooker is great.

Yes you do miss out on the crispy factor that only comes with an oven (although you could throw the pressure cooker chicken in for a few minute broil) but the flavors and juicy meat are amazingly worth the lack-o-crisp.

Another main benefit is that we are able to quickly transition from a roasted chicken meal, to using the same pot and juices to make chicken stock (from all leftovers/bones), and then to make a weeks worth of homemade soup for lunches.

As long as your chicken won't touch the sides or top of the pressure cooker, you can cook it whole. We tested the sizes and found that our 8-quart Fagor cooker was able hold a 3.5-pound bird, on a rack, with little trouble. 6 minutes per pound worked great for us.

Any tips to share? [endtext]


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